Just Rese is a rapper coming out of Oakland. He’s put out a series of singles since 2014, and he’s playing at Southside Festival presented by The Bay Bridged and Imprint.City on May 19.

With the perfect mix of contemporary R&B and funk riding Just Rese’s style, he stands out among more mainstream Soundcloud rappers. His music really reflects the changing themes in hip-hop — ever since artists like Kanye West, Drake, and Frank Ocean began dedicating entire projects to typically taboo topics in rap, such as romantic frustrations, it’s allowed musicians like Just Rese to blossom.

“My songs have always been the place where I could be vulnerable,” he told SF Weekly. Come meet him in person at Southside Festival this weekend.

Just Rese, Zion-I, Jay Stone, Ellah, Beejus, Down 2 Earth, FELA KUTCHII, DevaRock, Quijano, J Jaxx
1439 Egbert Ave, SF
May 19 2018
12-7pm, FREE