Sunset Super is a new duo formed by a couple of longtime pals, Tim Tyson and Alex Swain. Swain and Tyson grew up together in Southern California and have been in various bands since the third grade, most recently in Mahgeetah. Swain, who began his musical career working with producer Dan the Automator and associated acts Deltron 3030 and Dr. Octagon, told me he’s always been looking for a way to showcase Tyson’s music and lyrical ability, and Sunset Super is how they are making it happen. Today, we’re happy to present Sunset Super’s debut video for “I Did Not Act at the Wrong Time.”

In the video, Sunset Super singer Tim Tyson stumbles and dances his way through his Sunset home and a sunny day on the Sunset streets. As he tells you in his lyrics, he just kind of makes a mess of it all. However, as the lovely shots of the neighborhood and the shaky, disjointed high-note harmonies in the song suggest, you can find plenty of beauty in a little disarray. To bring it all together, Ryan Ovadia, did a wonderful job shooting and directing the scenes and making us all long for a sunny day in the Sunset, whether things go smoothly or not. Enjoy “I Did Not Act at the Wrong Time” below.

Sunset Super performs at “Fast Times Presents Best New Music” at Amnesia June 7.

Fast Times Presents: Andrew St. James and Friends
June 7, 2018
8:30pm, $5 (21+)