Peter Hook and the Light
On Saturday, May 12, Peter Hook and the Light will be returning to the Bay Area to play the Warfield.

The show will take place just six days shy of the 38th anniversary of the death Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis. Hook and company will be playing New Order’s Substance as well as Joy Division’s posthumous album of the same name.

Both albums are compilations of the two bands’ singles over the years, and should provide for an interesting show. The best-known track on Division’s Substance is arguably “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” but newcomers to the Factory Records dark darlings might be more familiar with “Atmosphere,” as it was featured recently in the Netflix sci-fi buffet of mid-’80s nostalgia known as Stranger ThingsNew Order’s Substance features tracks which got far more radio play, including “Blue Monday” and “Bizarre Love Triangle.”

Since 2010, Peter Hook and the Light have been reviving Joy Division and New Order albums for live shows that fans thought would probably never happen. This bought of musical necromancy will be particularly interesting as it covers so much ground. It comes in the middle of a smattering of West Coast US Tour dates following The Light’s European tour, which featured several sold-out shows. The show is all ages, providing some much-needed corruption for today’s youth.

Peter Hook and the Light
The Warfield
May 12, 2018
7pm, $27.50