Let It Bleed
Let’s just get this out of the way:


There have been a lot of strides made in the last few years regarding gender equality, but talking openly about menstruation is one of the last taboos that remains totally un-smashed. Reproductive healthcare in general is constantly threatened, “Whoa, someone’s PMSing” is still mostly considered a relevant punchline, and like, do you know how much periods can cost? All this, combined wih a general sense of “Ew, icky,” from more conservative corners of the Western world, means a lot of people with periods still feel the need to surreptitiously slide a tampon in their pocket or tote their bag to the bathroom during work hours.

It’s even harder for homeless people, who have an even more difficult time accessing menstrual supplies than they do other hygiene basics, thanks to a heavy social stigma against this completely normal bodily function. That’s why Sea Witch Productions is reviving their benefit concert, Let It Bleed, for its third year in a row.

The “rock and roll tampon drive” will bring together a bevy of fun rock acts, including KERA. The show also features a craft and zine bazaar with vendors to be specificed at a later date, and, most importantly, will benefit Compass Family Services. Bring an unopened box of menstrual hygiene products to donate in exchange for a raffle ticket.

Tickets go on sale today. Hit up your local Walgreens and, as Let It Bleed’s motto states, help a human out.

Let It Bleed: KERA, TBA
The Independent
June 30, 2018
9pm, $18 (18+)