Life on Hiatus explores the lives of four characters whose everyday existence has been interrupted.

What does it mean to have your life interrupted? Does it mean to have an expected trajectory upset by trauma or tragedy? To collapse under the weight of ideals? Is it a real life interrupted or just the life that was sold to us by clever marketing firms throughout our childhood?

A new collaboration between four artists, Life on Hiatus, will examine these questions through four storylines: a college student facing astronomical student loans, a recently homeless veteran suffering from PTSD, a career-driven woman who has become unexpectedly pregnant, and an unemployed migrant worker. Each person stagnates or becomes waywardly transient as life unravels.

The four artists: Lachlan Bray, performance poet and spoken-word artist, tells us their stories; sound designer and composer Mark Goodwin provides a live score; Strider Patton, muralist and painter, provides a “visual reality” for the performance; and Mia Romero, executive producer of Red Lips Woman Productions directs. The work of each these artists on their own commands attention. That they are collaborating on this piece is both exciting and progressive. The future of art is integrated and collaborative.

Performances are set to run three consecutive weekends at the equally multimedia-focused venue PianoFight. The scant ticket price of $10 should not interrupt anyone’s life, and plan to arrive early or stay late and enjoy the live music PianoFight has on their front stage every Friday and Saturday night.

Life on Hiatus
Piano Fight
May 11-12
May 18-19
May 25-26
7pm, $10