Courtship. at Slim's SF by Estefany Gonzalezcourtship. (photo: Estefany Gonzalez)

I quickly got to learn three facts when I met up with courtship. on the duo’s last stop in San Francisco: Pinball Machines should really take debit cards, it’s hard to stop laughing long enough to snap a picture when adventuring with the pair, and lastly, Eli Hirsch and Micah Gordon can find a place to buy yerba mate at the blink of an eye.

The band’s upbeat attitude is a perfect fit for the music they pen. We meet on a day that was oddly warm for San Francisco, yet reflective of  courtship.’s sunny feel-good tunes. It makes wonder if perhaps the pair brings sunshine wherever they go. Despite the duo’s song “Sunroof” getting featured in a recent Snapchat commercial, landing a slot on the legendary Firefly Music Festival, and the millions of plays their songs have received so far on Spotify, the two joke they’re surprised anyone other than their grandparents want to see them play.

Courtship. at Slim's SF by Estefany Gonzalez

In spite of their name, courtship. skips the awkward introduction and the need to impress — if anything, the members aren’t afraid to make fun of themselves or take things too seriously. The duo joke about their yerba mate intake almost as soon as we step outside of Slim’s, and they decide they’d rather search for tea than drink a beer next door to the venue — especially once we all realize we don’t have quarters for the pinball machines.

It takes less than a minute for Eli and Micah to find enough Guayaki to power them through their next few interviews, soundcheck, and one of the most energetic performances I’ve seen at Slim’s. On our walk, the pair shares that their tour van got stolen earlier in the tour. Though it meant them losing gear and having to rearrange travel details while on tour opening for the Hunna, the pair remained in good spirits. They were thankful for insurance and the support from the other bands on the lineup, and able to crack a few jokes about being able to replace equipment but not each other.

Courtship. at Slim's SF by Estefany Gonzalez

We stop to take a few more pictures on our way back to the venue, most of them silly, and we share more contagious laughs — especially when we get locked out and have to wait for a crew member to let us back in. Hours later, when I saw the band take the stage, I couldn’t help but think back to our meeting earlier. Much like the transparency in the interview, the band’s good nature was present there, too. Though courtship. only have a handful of songs and was the first up on the lineup, the synth-pop rhythms to “Bad Fun” and “Perfect People” were contagious and had the crowd dancing along.