The Breeders at The Masonic, by William Wayland

The Breeders (photo: William Wayland)

Words by Elaine Blakely

Good morning, San Francisco, it’s the Breeders! Back on tour after 10 years and bringing the original crew from 1993, the Breeders pedaled into perfection their latest LP All Nerve kicking off their US and European tour. Kim Deal, lead vocalist and guitarist and former bassist for the Pixies, appeared fresh and ready play with an all-around happy go-lucky-vibe as she strummed bass-heavy melodies along with Kelley Deal on guitar, Josephine Wiggs on bass, and Jim Macpherson on drums. In between songs, Kim fussed and fidgeted to bring all the distortion and engineering effects into momentum, while the audience screamed praise and pounded the stage for more.

The audience sang old favorites from three-decades-ago LP Last Splash, recorded here in San Francisco. During “Cannonball,” Kim blew a dangling whistle and shouted into her harmonica-microphone while the fans sang along. Sisterly play-fighting and comic lines from Kim and Kelley gave the performance a warm, fuzzy feeling as we all walked down memory lane, takin sidestreets to lovely new numbers like “Spacewoman,” ’90s-inspired “MetaGoth,” and “Wait in the Car.” Young and old fans shared the punchy pleasure of their music.