Electro-pop/R&B crooner Lostboycrow makes his way to Cornerstone Berkeley next week in support of his newest EP, Traveler: The Third Legend. Traveler is a three part journey. The First Legend and The Second Legend, released 10 and 5 months ago respectively, have each garnered tens of millions of streams, and widened Lostboycrow’s scope as an artist on the rise.

Lostboycrow’s music is as appealing for its seductive R&B groove as it is for its danceability. Add to this a general sense of mystique about the artist himself, add a comprehensive pastel-synthwave-Fabio aesthetic, and it’s hard to tear away your eyes and ears.

The all-ages Berkeley show is among the last of the Spin The World: Part Two tour with Prelow and DYSN. Check the new EP out below on Spotify.

Lostboycrow, Prelow, DYSN
Cornerstone Berkeley
April 17, 2018
8:30pm, $15