Elohim - Photo by Chase OBlack(photo: Chase O’Black)

Elohim is a singer, songwriter, and producer who has made a name for herself through music full of intoxicating electronic beats and revealing lyrics that explore themes like anxiety and depression. On stage, the artist keeps her face covered and talks to her fans with a computerized female voice. But even with all of her secrecy, Elohim’s shows are captivating. She performs alone, surrounded by keyboards and computers, and projecting visuals that are perfectly cued to her lyrics behind her.

Her first singles “Xanax” and “She Talks Too Much” debuted in 2015, and Elohim hasn’t slowed down since. She recently finished touring with Alison Wonderland, her first self-titled album drops on April 27, and in March she kicked off a headlining tour. She’ll also be playing huge festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo and touring with the Glitch Mob.

We caught up with Elohim over email and asked about her tour and songwriting process.

The Bay Bridged: How did you choose the voice you use to communicate during your performances?

Elohim: I was inspired by “Fitter Happier” by Radiohead. I wanted to create a unique voice that would ultimately become my voice and help establish this otherworldly feeling.

TBB: What’s your favorite part about performing?

E: My favorite part of performing is building a world people can walk into and feel sensations that they’ve never felt before. Giving the audience an escape from reality and a place where they feel totally and completely loved and accepted. That is what I do this for.

Traveling, touring, it’s very exhausting but every night getting on stage gives you this whole new burst of energy and inspiration.

TBB: Your self-titled EP dropped in 2016. Soon you’ll release your first full-length album. How has your songwriting and producing changed since your first EP?

E: I am always and forever learning, growing, and experimenting in hopes of becoming a better musician. My production and songwriting has changed a lot since my first EP and it’s still changing as I’m growing.

That is the beauty of music. It has endless possibilities and infinite opportunities to learn and grow. It is very rewarding being in the studio and feeling that growth. I know what I want and how to get it in a more efficient natural way that is one hundred percent me.

TBB: Yoshi Flower will be touring with you this spring, and you recently released “Panic Attack,” a track you worked on together. How did your collaboration come about?

E: We were introduced by a mutual friend and instantly had this unbreakable bond. The collaboration came about

[while we were] driving around LA. We spent the afternoon writing it, and then went straight into the studio and recorded it. [It] happened exactly the way I like writing to happen.

TBB: In the fall of 2017, you toured North America with Alison Wonderland. What was that like?

E: It was very inspiring touring with Alison; I grew a lot. She has really loving crowds that are open to new music and fun to perform in front of. Alison has become like a sister to me. It is incredible to have a female friend and confidant in this wild industry of music and entertainment. We have unconditional respect and love for each other. It is a rare and extremely special thing.

TBB: What about this tour are you most excited about?

E: I am most excited to share my headlining show. We’ve put in countless hours of work and all of our love into this show. I am grateful to be able to give that experience to people out there looking for a world to escape into for a few hours.

I love seeing the light bounce off of the beautiful eyes in the audience. So far the shows have been full of a lot of love. That’s all I can hope and wish for. Bringing love to light.

Elohim, Yoshi Flower, HIGHSOCIETY
April 7, 2018
9 pm, $20