“Imagine if the Beatles had a daughter. And she had a baby with Nirvana. Then that baby drank a six pack of beer. Pink Pigs is that drunk baby,” reads the band’s Instagram bio. The San Francisco group just put out a music video for their headbanger tune “Slimetime,” and the bio is a pretty accurate representation of how drunk of a baby the band really is.

Pink Pigs is the brain child of SF drummer Andrew Skewes-Cox. He’s an accomplished and stoned musician who has played with the band Rin Tin Tiger.

He initially started Pink Pigs as an outlet to showcase his songwriting, but when Rin Tin Tiger disbanded early last year, his new project became a full-time band. “Since the first show, we’ve maintained our reputation as the band you’d most want to party with,” said Andrew.

His wild musical talents are accompanied by even crazier antics on camera. In the new video, he shakes and pours a 40-ounce right on the camera like it’s a bottle of champagne. The rest of the Pink Pigs try to outdo him by pouring eggs, mustard, and slime all over each other. They aren’t joking when they yell “Slimetime!” during the whole song.

The video is the second installment to Pink Pigs’ planned music video trilogy of totally-party-time-excellent videos. The first edition was a house party video for the song “Hell On Earth.”

Andrew explains that the totally-party-time-excellent concept is drawn from the Wayne’s World theme song. “What it represents to us is the promise that if you rock hard and party hard you will live a happier life.”

“Slimetime” and “Hell On Earth” are both tracks off of Pink Pigs’ debut album, Blah Blah Blacksheep, which was released this past Halloween. In addition to the more manic songs, the group also sprinkled in some slower tracks on the album that will make you want to put your lighters to the sky, like “All Along the Banks of the Brewski River.”

You can catch Pink Pigs at Neck of the Woods with Taylor and the Pretty Noises and Nick Nassab on March 30.

Taylor and the Pretty Noise, Nick Nassab, Pink Pigs
Neck Of The Woods
March 30, 2018
9:30 pm, $15