Santa Cruz based singer-songwriter Lauren Wahl has been working hard the last four months to breathe new life into an old dream. On Wednesday, March 28, her new band, Lauren Wahl & Simply Put will be releasing their professional debut at Moe’s Alley.

The five song EP, titled Hello, Baby, is a unique take on alternative country presentation. Combining classic Americana sentiments with soulful melodies and arching crescendos, Wahl delivers a powerful message in each lyric. Check out the group’s EP in full below. The lead single, “Walk On Water,” speaks to the calming, contemplative nature of a solo expedition into the surf.

In the local music scene, Wahl began singing harmonies with her sister in the Americana/bluegrass band The Bluetail Flies for nearly a decade. Once the Flies disbanded, she became a lead contributor, playing guitar and mandolin, in the band Flypaper Blues for almost three years. She recently performed her final show with Flypaper Blues and shifted her focus onto her own band.

Wahl’s music is supremely personal, telling detailed and captivating stories about friends and strangers, fictional and real. Together, this young band effortlessly blends pulsing rhythms, sweet harmonies and warm counter melodies to create a powerhouse vehicle driving a pleasing musical narrative.

Although the band is new, the musicians have years of experience. Fellow bandmates Justin Hambly (guitar), Zen Perry (drums), Mariah Roberts (fiddle), Dylan Short (keys) and Mike Kelly (bass) have solid musical followings in the area. In fact, Hambly will be opening tonight’s show with his outfit Justin Hambly and The Heavy Hand.

All tickets purchased before the show are eligible to receive a free download of the EP. Simply send a copy of your ticket receipt to the band’s Facebook page to redeem.

Lauren Wahl & Simply Put
Moe’s Alley
March 28, 2018
8PM, $10 (21+)