Of Montreal
No matter the season, no matter the year, we will always, always advise you to hit up an of Montreal show. Over the last 20-something years, the brainchild of lead singer and guitarist Kevin Barnes have developed a global reputation for immersive, truly transporting live shows.

Exhibiting a wide range of styles but broadly based in psychedelia, of Montreal formed in the mid-’90s in Athens, Georgia. They really came of age, however, adjacent to the riotous, confetti-covered freak-folk movement in the late 2000s. Acts like Devendra Banhart and labels like their own, Polyvinyl, set the stage for bands with that face-painted, neon-washed, ’60s-inspired aesthetic, no matter their sound. Breaking out into the upper echelons of indie with their 2007 disc Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?, of Montreal slowly won larger and larger audiences over with sets full of costumes, color, and concepts. Live shows aside, most people are probably familiar with them, whether they know it or not, through the numerous TV spots their songs were licensed out for in the following years: Comcast, T-Mobile, and more.

Kevin Barnes and company have evolved into one of the world’s premiere live experiences (eclipsed only, probably, by the Flaming Lips, though that’s kind of an apples to apples comparison). More recently, Barnes has worked with cutting-edge acts like Janelle Monae and Solange, lending his muiscal know-how and production ear to their studio work. Of Montreal is currently touring behind the very recently released White Is Relic/Irrealis Mood. True to form for the band — which is to say that they’re never true to any one form — this one’s based loosely in sound on ’80s dance music.

What we’re saying here is, with two decades of experience, of Montreal always bring the party. Check them out at The UC in May with Locate S, 1.

of Montreal, Locate S, 1
The UC Theatre
May 3, 2018
8pm, $25