Ty Segall

If you’re hanging out on The Bay Bridged, there’s not much we can tell you about Ty Segall that you don’t already know or won’t agree with. SF legend? Yes. Leader of the pack in the Bay Area psych movement in the mid-00s? Also that. Helped to launch the career of fellow fuzz rocker and his band member Mikal Cronin? That too. An immensely talented multi-instrumentalist and producer that can kind of do no wrong? Obviously.

He’s no longer ours — he moved to LA years ago — but we still claim his as our own every chance we get. His career history has been a long and productive one, dating back a decade and packed with 10 full-length releases under his name alone. The influence of those records can still be heard in emerging acts all over the Bay, from the swirling sounds of King Dream to the thrash of Unlikely Heroes. And all these years later, his name — his and collaborator John Dwyer‘s — remains a stand-in for San Francisco’s mid-to-late-aughts garage scene as a whole. That’s why we always get so excited when he comes back to play the Bay. He may be long gone, but he left an indelible legacy.

Touring behind his 10th and latest release, Freedom’s Goblin, and with his backing band (currently known as the Freedom Band), he’s coming back to the Bay and appearing at The UC Theatre in Berkeley with Sextile. It’s hard to call it a homecoming, because we never really let him leave. But we’re happy to have him, if only for an evening.

Ty Segall, Sextile
The UC Theatre
April 30, 2018
8pm, $32.50