Flour Flour (photo: Leon Saperstein)

Berkeley alt-pop natives Flour Flour (Brian Baughn and Philip Wright) took the idea of exploring how animals see the world to create their latest single, “Become Animal.” It all started with a look at Baughn’s cat:

Stirred to explore how animals see the world, Baughn began to imagine a parallel between the process of growing up and the sci-fi concept of transforming into an animal: when you embrace your own voice as a teenager, you aren’t really becoming a vicious animal – you’re beginning to trust your instincts.

“Become Animal” is a light, folk-ish song that makes you want to hop in a car to go camping all weekend. With the smooth vocals and Philip Wright’s upbeat synths, you just might add this to your next feel-good playlist, at least. Maybe one day, you too will be inspired by your pet.

Flour Flour play March 29 at Hemlock Tavern

Flour Flour, New Spell, Kamerin
Hemlock Tavern
March 29, 2018
8:30pm, $8 (21+)