Together, E Da Boss (of Myron and E on Stone’s Throw) and Trailer Limon make up the Pendletons — a boogie-funk and modern soul project. Two years ago, they released their EP Gotta Get Out, which gained some great attention. Here they are again two years later with their new track “Funk Forever.”

This is their first single for their upcoming EP of the same name, due out on March 30. Collaborations on this EP include Potatohead People and Ishtar.

The two go on to describe the EP:

Making ‘Funk Forever’ was a new process for us. Instead of starting with a beat, usually a sample by one of us, we went into the studio with musicians and recorded them playing together to get a more live sound. We wanted the energy of the musicians playing off each other to reach through. After we got a good framework, we went back and wrote the lyrics. Then we went through and added all the extra funky goodies, back-up vox, additional Synth horns and percussion. We are both really happy with the result and it’s fun to play it live.

After the release of Funk Forever, expect a full-length album later on this year via Bastard Jazz. Until then, enjoy this gem.