Diana Gameros

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Download: Mixtape: New Folk Music from the Bay Area (Podcast #423)

In venues around the Bay Area, like The Lost Church, Neck of the Woods, and the Octopus Literary Salon, Bay Area musicians are sharing new and exciting folk songs, emotive compositions full of lyrical storytelling and thoughtful instrumentation.

The stories shared by local folk artists are often personal, like Diana Gameros‘ new album interpreting Mexican songs from her youth, or Joseph Childress‘s LP drawing from his travels around the western United States. Marissa Kay was inspired to write the first song and title track for her debut LP, Trans is Love, after attending a candlelight vigil for a murdered transgender woman.

In addition to rich lyricism, Bay Area folk musicians display a deftness in incorporating a wide range of sounds. Zena Carlota‘s “Afro symphonic folk” blends the West African sounds of the kora, a twenty-one string harp, with chamber folk string arrangements to create captivating songs. Americana and country music threads may be found in the works of Chelsea Coleman and Catch Prichard, while Madeline Tasquin folds rock, jazz, and pop into songs full of dynamic twists and turns.

Listen to the mixtape to learn more about all eleven artists included in this mix.

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Track Listing

Gray Tolhurst – “Torn, Like A Red Cloth Like The Sea”

Diana Gameros – “Despierta”

Joseph Childress – “White Castle Creek Mother”

Marissa Kay – “California Night”

Avi Vinocur – “I Should Have Been A Con Man”

Zena Carlota – “Say You Know”

Chelsea Coleman – “This Thunder”

King Willow – “California”

Catch Prichard – “Don’t Want It”

Jeff Manson – “Waves of Prayer”

Madeline Tasquin – “Don’t Should Yourself”