Van Goat is making a name for itself as one of San Francisco’s funnest bands. Their newest release, “Willie the Weeper,” a ska-styled swing-punk take on the classic tune, is an electrifying example not only of the band’s energy but their tremendous musical talent. We’re excited to premiere the song today as a taste of their forthcoming full-length, Follow Me Under, due out in the Fall.

The tune itself was written at the turn of the last century and credited to Walter Melrose, Grant Rymal, and Marty Bloom, though it’s surmised they pulled it out of the vaudeville scene. The song tells of a drug-induced fever dream, and Van Goat meets this state-of-mind challenge with a wild, swinging sound, shouting backing vocals, a muted trombone, a clarinet, and a piano tone and style fit for an old mining-town watering hole.

As a first taste of the album, I’m certain I won’t need to be told twice to “Follow Me Under.”

Check out the song, below, and catch it live at their all-ages Cornerstone Berkeley show on Friday night.

Royal Jelly Jive, Trace Repeat, Van Goat
Cornerstone Berkeley
March 23, 2018
8pm, $13