Robert Alleyne(photo: Norm deVeyra)

I’m going to be very up front with you, dear reader: Robert makes it look easy.

Robert Alleyne has been a photographer for The Bay Bridged for two and a half years, and this weekend, he’s heading back home to England. We are incredibly excited for what lies ahead for him, but can’t deny that we are sad to see him go. I’ve been the photo editor for our site for just a little longer than when Robert started, and he was one of the first photographers I was lucky enough to bring in at my start. He has done nothing but impress me with his contributions.

Robert began his work with The Bay Bridged by doing concert photography, providing awesome shots of shows large and small in the Bay Area. He very quickly he branched out in doing so much more for our site — He not only photographed shows for us but started writing pretty damn good reviews of those shows. Then he got way more ambitious and began “Bands in Portrait,” a series where he photographed local artists at his studio and wrote profiles of them to accompany the photos. As I’ve spent the last week going through the over 100 posts that include his photography, he’s caught so many stars as they were rising. There’s little doubt in my mind that there’s a small show here that he just photographed that’s going to be the next big thing.

Phantogram at the Fox Theater, by Robert Alleyne

Taking concert photos is an art. It’s a combination of skill, attention, and pure luck. Robert’s way of photographing shows is with great attention to the scene and some serious years of practice. His photos always capture the energy of the shows, and the moments he is sometimes able to capture just wow me. When I would review his submissions, I always felt like I got a sense of what it was like being at the show. He captured a variety of different shots — not just of the performers, but of the crowd and other noteworthy aspects of the venue that night, be it a dive bar with smaller performers coming through to one of the larger venues in the Bay. Robert gets the entire show in his galleries, and it almost feels like words aren’t even needed.

Robert is a super-charming, funny, positive guy whose submissions I always look forward to getting. Not only will I miss his contributions to our site and the many other outlets that he photographed for, I’ll miss bumping into him at shows I myself was covering and seeing his take on them.

Locus Pocus at Neck of the Woods, by Robert Alleyne

Robert, we wish you all the best in your journey ahead and hope there are many great photos in store from you — and an even bigger canvas on which to display them.

For your enjoyment, below are some of my personal favorite shots from Robert from over the years. There are a ton more of them on the site, but the photos that stood out to me are the ones where he captures motion and contrast in a distinct way. Bands cracking a smile or singing their hearts out at just the right moment, gripping their instrument like nothing else in the world matters. Just some of the bands that he’s photographed include Chance the Rapper, Bleachers, Dua Lipa, Liam Gallagher, Jay Som, Kehlani, the Coathangers, Tinashe, Snoop Dogg, plus various events like Pride, Hiero Day, and our own Phono del Sol. Check out his site if you’re interested in seeing more of it or look at the literally dozens of posts on our site for more of his work. I guarantee you he’s not only photographed an artist you love, but that he did it damn well.