The Coverups at The Ivy Room, by Aaron Rubin
The Coverups (photo: Aaron Rubin)

Words by Aaron Rubin

Not-so-secret-anymore Green Day side project the Coverups played at the Ivy Room in Albany on Tuesday. The band features Green Day members Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt (playing guitar rather than bass), and Jason White, as well as long-time Green Day associate and scene veteran Bill Schneider on bass, and Green Day’s audio engineer Chris Dugan on drums. A family affair to be sure.

The Coverups bill themselves, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, as the world’s greatest cover band and, tongue in cheek or not, it’s sorta true. The band ripped through a high-energy set focused on songs that they (presumably) grew up with — everything from the Misfits to the Clash to the Replacements — with the sold-out crowd singing along to every word. Samiam frontman and Ivy Room booker Jason Beebout even made a guest appearance on Tom Petty’s “American Girl.”

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