Frankie Cosmos

We’ve long been fans of Frankie Cosmos here at The Bay Bridged. From just about the time she released her second full-length, Next Thing, we’ve been releasing previews, reviews, and interviews right alongside her.

A graduate of The Epoch, the loose collective of musicians from New York that has also produced cult favorites like Ó, Florist, and Told Slant, Frankie Cosmos (aka Greta Kline) makes a sparse, melodic rock that, as our writer Erika once pronounced, really is timeless. It’s molded in a personal, artsy sensibility that, with a few tweaks, could fit readily into any college station rotation in any decade since the advent of “indie.” It’s the kind of music that was being made when we were getting into music, and will probably still be made after we’re long gone.

Not to say Kline isn’t an innovator. Her secret remains her storytelling, which is simple in its execution, but that simplicity is what makes it so powerful. At turns both sunny and also sad, the music of Frankie Cosmos creates a world of perpetual high school, imitating the highs and lows of hormone rushes by juxtaposing yearning lyrics with joyful major chords. Greta can cut straight to your heartstrings with a few swipes of an electric guitar and a sentence or two. Her forthcoming record, Vessel, has a little more studio polish, but retains her relatable spirit.

All that said, it’s no surprise that Greta has a habit of selling out the Bay Area. Lucky for you, we have a link to tickets for her UC Theatre show below, with fellow Bay Bridged favorites SOAR and Ian Sweet. Buy them, show up, and sing along.

Frankie Cosmos, Ian Sweet, SOAR
The UC Theatre
April 14, 2018
9pm, $22.50