You know how some people say keep all your receipts? You might also want to keep all your files, if you don’t already. You never know what you might find. Take, for example, Will Butler, aka Social Work. Back when he was 19, he aimlessly wrote the track below — “Good Girls” — and thought nothing of it. Now here we are almost 10 years later with a new version and a brand new guitar solo, released on Text Me Records.

Butler explains:

I first wrote and recorded this song when I was 19 – sang the vocals (same vocal tracks heard here) into a built-in laptop microphone on my living room floor.

[…] Then a few months back a friend told me they were working on a new show called “Good Girls” and, in a wave of nostalgia, I remembered this song. That same day I excavated it from an old hard drive, blew the cobwebs off and brought it in to Text Me HQ, where we sprinkled some hairy dust on it. For the most part, though, what you’re hearing is the original 2009 recording, with the exception of a rippin’ new guitar solo from the very talented, LA-based musician Blake Straus. Held this song to myself for a long time – agonized over it – now it’s everyone else’s problem.

Now here’s hoping we could some day hear this on NBC’s Good Girls