(Photo of and by The Saxophones)

Bay Area duo the Saxophones have developed a bit of a following across the pond, with UK label Full Time Hobby releasing a 7″ earlier this year and an EP in 2017. The label also just announced the forthcoming release of the Saxophone’s debut full-length, Songs of the Saxophones, set for a June 1 release. The debut track from the album, “Picture,” is available for streaming now. Saxophones lead singer and songwriter Alexi Erenkov says the song is sung from the point of view of an entitled California surfer who is “on the verge of questioning his taken-for-granted beliefs.” The Saxophones have developed a signature dark, down-tempo sound that’s executed wonderfully throughout “Picture”:

Songs of the Saxophones will be available on vinyl June 1, and includes sheet music accompaniment for every song on the album. It all looks very nice. Erenkov and bandmate and wife Alison Alderdice are brand-new parents, so they’ll be laying low for a bit before heading to the UK for a few headlining shows. In case you need a little more Saxophones in your life, here’s a lovely video for “New Tradition” off their 2017 EP If You’re on the Water: