Shopping - photo by CJ Monk

Download: Live This Month: March 2018 (Podcast #424)

In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The terrific punk trio Shopping, pictured above, is one of a number of great artists coming to the Bay Area this month. Also from the UK is L.A. Salami, who is touring around a highly-anticipated second LP of melodic, lyrical folk-rock. This mix also includes two standout bands from Canada, Edmonton’s Faith Healer and Montreal post-punk band Ought. New York City’s Combo Chimbita describes its music as “tropical futurism,” incorporating Afro-Caribbean sounds, psych, and funk into an unique new sound.

On the local front, we’ve included a song from The Kilbanes‘ acclaimed new Ovid-inspired rock opera, which runs at Z Space through later this month, as well one from There’s Talk‘s new EP full of lush, dreamy electronic pop. Be sure to also check out mathy post-rock from Wander and the heavy sludge of Oakland’s Praying. Finally, while you may not yet know the name Lil Dads, you’ve probably heard Mikos da Gawd and Drew Banga’s individual work as two of the Bay’s best new hip hop producers.

Enjoy the podcast and then go see some concerts!

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About the bands:

No Vacation – “You’re Not with Me”
The band’s tour with Hot Flash Heat Wave and Tim Atlas comes to The Independent on March 7

Lil Dads – “IDK (feat. Rexx Life Raj, Ymtk, Caleborate & 1-O.A.K.)”
Headlining a night of local artists at the Brick & Mortar Music Hall on March 23; also performing are AllBlack, City Shawn, Ziggy, 667 Kult, LulBearRubberBand, and Jammy

Faith Healer – “Sterling Silver”
Tony Molina and Summer Peaks open for Faith Healer on March 7 at The Chapel

L.A. Salami – “Generation L(ost)”
The London musician appears at Cafe Du Nord on March 22

Ought – “Desire”
On March 20, the band plays The Independent with Flasher

There’s Talk – “Give It Up”
Co-headlining the Rickshaw Stop on March 8 with Topographies and support from Petheaven and High and Fragile

Shopping – “The Hype”
Lithics and The World join the band at the Rickshaw Stop on March 22

Combo Chimbita – “No Regreso”
The New York band comes to the Rickshaw Stop on March 25 with Crumb and Pllush

Hibou – “Fall Into”
On March 15, the band joins Friendless Summer and Sagittaire at The Knockout

Praying – “R.S.H.”
Opening for Western Addiction and Slow Bloom on March 30 at the Hemlock Tavern

Acid Dad – “2Ci”
Performing at Bottom of the Hill on March 23 with Niveles and Lofi Legs

The Kilbanes – “Mockingbird”
The band’s rock opera Weightless runs through March 18 at Z Space

Wander – “Glass”
Performing at El Rio on March 26 with Young Lovers and Commissure