In the gap between the release of his much-applauded EP Hopeless Romantic, 18-year old Justin Cheromiah, aka High Sunn, has tightened his talent for writing catchy, jangly guitar tunes that feel both nostalgic and new. “Those Last Words” is the first single off the Bay Area artist’s debut studio album, Missed Connections, and it’s a neat little head-nodder.

With an energetic opening guitar riff and a drive that’s a little more urgent than before, “Those Last Words” gives a glimpse into a compact, 30-minute album packed with mixed emotions from relationships and unrequited love, and snapshots of dreams and a vivid imagination. You could call it a definitive document of today’s young mind, and you can add to your playlist with kin indie bands Wild Nothing and the Drums.

Cheromiah began recording under the name High Sunn as a 14-year-old. He racked up a discography of over 30 bedroom tracks he’d written and performed after teaching himself how to record using YouTube tutorials. Hopeless Romantic came out in May 2017, and the successful project was also Cheromiah’s first full-band performance, adding friends to contribute to the sound. Missed Connections ups the ante, and puts High Sunn forward as a legit song crafter.

Missed Connections is out April 13, 2018 via PNKSLM Recordings on vinyl, CD, and digital.

Listen to “Those Last Words” below.