Dick Stusso at Cafe Du Nord, by Ria Burman
Dick Stusso (photo: Ria Burman)

Noise Pop Fest presented Dick Stusso at Cafe Du Nord with sweet support from Mall Walk and Grace (from the Sandwitches)’s extracurricular endeavor, Grace Sings Sludge.

Dripping with charisma, Stusso brought his rich-toned vocals and raw, real lyrics to the night. Bringing a ’50s country-rock and blues vibe, Dick Stusso changed tempos and mixed genres, cranking the distortion high and disappearing into the heavy carnage of rock and roll, only to surface with a gentle tenderness  The heavy rock and the soft roll of Dick Stusso’s style each complemented the other greatly, with a ferocious and freeing fusion of opposites.

Dick Stusso’s latest album, In Heaven, drops March 2. Get it.