San Francisco artist Aish brings a cinematic presence to the noise pop genre with his new single “Orcas.” The track is only a taste of what we’re going to get when his album Mother drops on March 30.

“Orcas” has a dreamy feel to it, with Aish’s soft-spoken vocals backed by a 15-piece orchestra and choir ensemble. The feel might be likened to artists such as Björk or Beth Gibbons of Portishead. The traditional instruments that accompany the fantasy-driven beats make sure to keep “Orcas” grounded in reality.

In an interview with High Clouds, Aish describes the single as being “about the solitude I experienced after separation.” With lyrics like “wish I could erase all of our memories,” Aish invites the listener into his love life. He allows himself to become vulnerable on Mother, exploring his experiences as a gay person of color in the current political climate.

As the title suggests, the album is also about his mother. Aish goes on in describing the album in the High Clouds interview. “

[It’s about] my relationship to femininity, our separation, and finding answers to questions she left.”

An “Orcas” video directed by Rashaad Newsome premieres exclusively on TIDAL on February 23. Aish will also be performing with Lo-Fang, Bryanna In Color, and Lia Ices at Noise Pop 2018 on February 23.

Lo Fang, Aish, Bryanna In Color
Cafe du Nord
February 23, 2018
7:30pm, $15 (21+)