TiRon & Ayomari have impeccable timing. Their first breakthrough record, 2011’s A Sucker for Pumps arrived at the brink of internet rap; The Wonderful Prelude and The Great New Wonderful LP (though quiet drops) quenched a thirst for many seeking hip-hop that was thoughtful, yet fun and free-wheeling. The LA duo always had a playfulness about themselves that didn’t require a rap analyst’s reading to understand what they’re saying, but their words weren’t fodder, either.

The two rappers are taking their latest effort, 2017’s WET: The Wonderful Ego Trip on tour and are linking up with Iman Europe and Rich Iyala for their San Francisco stop. Always on brand, T&A’s refreshing WET is the product of some egotistical and spiritual strife they experienced in recent years, the music revealing their revelations of ego and id; joy and failure; pride and fear — engaging the negative to enhance the positive. And ever since 2016, we all can afford to forgo a little ego.

TiRon & Ayomari, Iman Europe, Rich Iyala
Brick & Mortar
March 16, 2018
$10, 8pm (18+)