Missing Persons at 19 Broadway, by William Wayland
Missing Persons (photo: William Wayland)

Words by William Wayland

No New Wave soundtrack would be complete without a a few tracks from the Missing Persons. “Words,” “Destination Unknown,” and “Walking In LA” helped to define the sound of the MTV generation.

Today the big pink hair is gone, as are the signature homemade brassieres and even the original bandmates, but you can still hear Dale Bozzio lead the current Missing Persons lineup through a repertoire of (mostly) ‘80s hits. Fans packed in to 19 Broadway in Fairfax to see the band this weekend. They got to sing along to their favorites songs and let Dale know that they haven’t forgotten what an impact she made on their lives.

When Missing Persons were charting, I don’t think it would have been possible for the Ramones to share the stage with them, let alone warm up for them, but the Hormones, an “All Girl Tribute to the Ramones,” did just that on Friday. I had a lot of fun listening to what was the closest that I will ever get to seeing the Ramones play live. I only wish it were louder.