Oakland trio B. Hamilton just released a collection of cover songs, appropriately entitled Covers of Others. The project began as a reward for their Indiegogo campaign to mix and master their album Fight Everything — anyone who donated $100 to their Indiegogo campaign was allowed to choose a song for the band to cover.

Originally intended to be a quick one-mic live recording, it eventually morphed into a proper album recorded by B. Hamilton (and Once and Future Band) drummer Raj Ojha. The collection is not really tied in any particular way, with covers of folks such as Brian Eno, John Mellencamp, and George Strait, but B. Hamilton’s smart interpretations makes the collection work well. Give it a listen below.

Ojha also created a rad video for B. Hamilton’s sludgy, slow burning take of Genesis‘s “I Can’t Dance” that was just released today. Let’s just say I don’t think you’ll ever look at Phil Collins the same way again.