TBB Presents The Lovemakers
Are you ready for Valentine’s Day, Bay Area? We can’t promise you candy, or flowers, or some dumb little thing from CVS (sources say those are overrated, anyway), but we can promise you a night of super-fun local bands. And honestly — that’s way better than a giant teddy bear you bought at the last minute.

We’re presenting local favorites old and new at Great American Music Hall tomorrow night, with vverevvolf, Breakdown Valentine, and the Lovemakers on the bill. Get in the mood with this short-but-sweet release from the Lovemakers, “Cassingles #2.” A companion to 2016’s Cassingles, this two-song EP contains “Follow U” and “Last Call.”

So come on out tomorrow night. Bring a friend, bring a more-than-a-friend, or just bring you.

The Lovemakers, Breakdown Valentine, vverevvolf
Great American Music Hall
February 14, 2018
8pm, $15