Thursday night, Neck of the Woods presents three local bands — Dreambeamers, Ducks with Pants, and The Quantum Mechanics — to deliver their unique songwriting talents.

Headliner Dreambeamer is the indie folk project of Texas-native Mindy Knight. The music bends dreamily and invites the listener to lean closely. Recommended for fans of Jenny Lewis. She is currently recording her debut EP.

E.G. Phillips’ playfully named Ducks with Pants brings both wit and whimsy to the stage. The singer-songwriter will be presenting his set with a full band this time around and, much like his song “Settin’ my own pace”, Ducks With Pants march to their own delightful drum.

The Quantum Mechanics is the newest project of Drew K, a singer-songwriter with roots in punk rock, who describes his sound as “nerd rock.”

Dreambeamer, Ducks With Pants, The Quantum Mechanics
Neck of the Woods
February 15, 2017
8, $10