It’s Tuesday, you’re back to work, you’ve finally gotten over your post-Super Bowl bloat, and life is boring again. We have vverevvolf here to make your lunch break a little brighter.

Bathed in ’80s hallmarks but distinctly 2018, “Lemonade” is a bright burst that’s right in line with their established neon aesthetic. At times it turns a little bit minor-key, but it remains hopeful — much like this year so far.

“Lemonade” would sound really good in an arena. Just sayin’.

Until vverevvolf reaches stadium-show fame, come see them at Great American with us next week. It’s Valentine’s Day, so bring a friend. Or more than a friend. Up to you.

The Lovemakers, vverevvolf, Breakdown Valentine
Great American Music Hall
February 14, 2018
8pm, $15