Oakland’s Rob Miller is always doing something you should know about. As the brain behind Vacant Stare Records, he’s introduced us to loads of new local bands. You can spot him on guitar with newly-minted Hardly Art signee (and Vacant Stare Alumnus) Dick Stusso, and let him bring you down in beautiful ways fronting his project Mall Walk. And that just wasn’t enough, so Rob started yet another project, Dry Erase, who released their debut almost a year ago. Rob describes the trio best:

[Dry Erase] is a recording project I started early last year with Kyle Day of Beekeepers and our French friend, Marius Atherton. Kinda anarcho post-punk shit. Lyrics are written from the perspective of a ruthless and maniacal leader with a regime on the verge of being overthrown. I wrote this shit in late 2015 so I must be some type of punk Nostradamus.

I tell you about this now because Dry Erase is wrapping up a very special West Coast tour Friday night at the Knockout, and you should go check out the grainy, maniacal weirdness in person while you get the chance (remember, they’re based on two continents!). They also have nice videos, and cassettes are still available via Vacant Stare.

Marbled Eye, Dry Erase, Blank Square, Part Human
The Knockout
January 26, 2017
9pm, $5-10 (I’m guessing here)