Sløtface at The New Parish, by William Wayland
Sløtface (photo: William Wayland)

If you don’t know them, Sløtface (pronounced “Slutface”) is a feminist pop punk band out of Norway. They’re also known for their environmental stance, famously performing for activists protesting the dumping of chemicals into Førde Fjord in Norway.

Given their outspokenness, I was a little disappointed that they didn’t address Donald Trump’s “shithole” statement from only two days before — which disparaged those from African countires and encouraged emigration from European countries like Norway — at their show at the New Parish last week.

We might want to have more bands from Norway. Despite having only one album, Try Not to Freak Out, Sløtface is a tight group with catchy tunes that sounds like they’ve been playing together for longer than five years. They’re too good to be playing in front of 100 people in the Bay Area on a Friday night.  Who’s the Artie Fufkin in all of this?

Opening for Sløtface was Oakland bands Bam! Bam! and New Circle whose album, Memento, releases on January 19.