Railroad Earth, the resident jam-grass giants of High Sierra Music Festival’s sister event Hangtown Music Festival, swing through the Bay Area for a pair of shows this week.

Touring behind their most recent release, Captain Nowhere, Railroad Earth has been laying tracks across the country. Featuring lead vocalist Todd Sheaffer, violinist and electric guitarist Tim Carbone, mandolinist and pianist John Skehan, multi-instrumentalist Andy Gossling, percussionist Carey Harmon and bassist Andrew Altman, the band will be joined by Austin, TX based up-and-comers Whiskey Shivers for its local shows.

Captain Nowhere is a five song EP, and the groups first new recording since 2014’s full length Last of the Outlaws. The new collection, though only six tracks, covers a lot of ground. It includes songs freshly inspired by the times we’re living in and by ancient myth, some of which were works in progress for several years.

“Our M.O. has always been that we can improvise all day long, but we only do it in service to the song. There are a lot of songs that, when we play them live, we adhere to the arrangement from the record,” said pianist Skehan. “And other songs, in the nature and the spirit of the song, everyone knows we can kind of take flight on them.”

Check it out for yourself this week and get ready to groove!

Railroad Earth, Whiskey Shivers
The Catalyst (Santa Cruz)
Thursday, January 18, 2018
8PM, $28/$34, 16+

Railroad Earth, Whiskey Shivers
The Warfield
Saturday, January 20, 2018
8PM, $29.50/$40