Before he was R.LUM.R, Reggie Williams was an aspiring classical guitarist — “The next Julian Bream or John Williams,” he said in a Rolling Stone interview. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that dream — the world certainly needs more classical guitarists of Bream and Williams fame — but pluck R.LUM.R. from the circles of alternative R&B, and you remove a warming voice and candor that’s ripe for spanning a spectrum of electronic, trap, and soul.

Florida born and Nashville bred, R.LUM.R falls in line with the Khalids and Bryson Tillers of the scene, a stream-to-radio success story trekking through numerous Spotify R&B playlists, from Soul Coffee to Chilled R&B. His breakthrough track, “Frustrated,” is a mere taste of the earnest songwriting and commanding, soul-searching vocal range — qualities untethered to any genre or style; just ask LA beats producer Sweater Beats or Nashville producer Russ Macklin.

R.LUM.R., Gibbz
The Independent
February 12, 2018
7:30pm, $20 (21+)