Benjamin Clementine
The theatre is expensive, folks.

And we’re not even talking about Broadway. Even the cheap seats for your local SHN run average around $200, and a Sunday matinee can still cost you nearly $170. It’s not like people go to see The Book of Mormon every day, but that’s still…not affordable for most people.

But shows are cheap, and that’s one of many reasons we love them. But if you’re a recovering theatre kid who misses the expanse and pageantry of the r-before-e kind of theatre, Benjamin Clementine might be just what you need.

Born in Britain but strongly associated with the Parisian arts world after years spent there, Clementine burst onto Europe’s avant-garde scene in the early 2010s. His 2015 album, At Least For Now, is what put him on Europe’s musical map, securing him billing at international festivals and snagging him the Mercury Prize (aka the British Grammy) for that year. Clementine’s sound is an unpredictable, flighty dreamscape rooted in jazz, and strongly influenced by his personal interest in literature and poetry. His live performances of it are transporting, as it all comes together in a heady blend of sweeping stagecraft and esoteric storytelling, which usually incorporates props, stage direction, and the urgent ballads he’s so skilled at writing.

Currently touring on last year’s dark and moody I Tell A Fly, Clementine makes a stop at the Regency on his North American tour. We guarantee it’s cheaper than the theatre, and might be more interesting, too.

Benjamin Clementine
The Regency Ballroom
February 16, 2018
9pm, $20