Overcoats at The Independent By Estefany GonzalezOvercoats (photo: Estefany Gonzalez)

As the new year begins, we look back on Overcoats show at the Independent. The concert marked the duo’s 96th show of the year, a number the pair calculated in their tour van on the way to play in San Fransisco.

The electronic-pop duo consists of  JJ Mitchell and Hana Elion, two best friends who focus on bringing a sense of sisterhood to their music. While the songs are full of deep, meaningful lyrics, the tunes also hold a strong energetic quality. The tracks are empowering, relatable and a blast druing live shows.

The pair played songs off their debut album Young, which released earlier this year as well as an eclectic mix of covers that ranged from Britney Spears to Shaggy. Though the covers  were a hit amonst the crowd and had the audiance singing along, origional tunes like “Siren,” about women holding each other up were among some of the biggest highlights of the night.

Overcoats at The Independent By Estefany Gonzalez

Other notable songs included “If you Leave,” a new song the band joked they wrote so recently that it was “the equivalent of 10 seconds ago in dog years” and ” Leave The Light On,” a funky dance song with a sax appearance from the pair’s college friend Julia Chain.

Best of all, at the end of the night — once the light dimmed and dancing came to a halt — the pair could be found amongst the crowd, interacting with fans and hanging out at the merch booth.