The Independent: Local Spotlight

We’ll say it: January kinda sucks. You’re back at work, you’re quickly running out of your holiday leftovers (or, more realistically, they’ve been gone since December 28), and no matter where you are in the country, it’s freakin’ freezing.

Fear not, San Franciscans: The Independent has a solution. In addition to their regularly scheduled programming of top talent in independent music, they’re featuring a number of local acts throughout January that will basically carry you through the entire month. Behold: you can start with the hand-clap-laden soul of Brothers Prince on the 6th and go out dancing with Midtown Social and Sweet Plot on the 20th. In between is rising husband-wife darkwave duo NRVS LVRS and extremely hooky, undeniably epic Abbot Kinney on the 13th. Oakland art-pop institution Foxtails Brigade on the 11th needs no introduction.

Not only do these shows offer you the chance to stay out of the rain (if we ever see it, that is) and meet your musical neighbors, they offer these musicians the Independent’s sizeable stage and space — a bit of a luxury for self-made musicians. So start the year off right, back home in San Francisco with some of the best local bands of last year. Our amazing arts scene is why you live here, after all.

Brothers Prince, More Fatter, James Taugher and the Who Cares
The Independent
January 6, 2018
9pm, $13 (21+)

Foxtails Brigade, Sunrunners, Everyone is Dirty
The Independent
January 11, 2018
8pm, $12 (21+)

The Independent
January 13, 2018
9pm, $12 (21+)

Midtown Social, Sweet Plot
The Independent
January 20, 2018
9pm, $15 (21+)