Remember how right after the 2016 election a bunch of people, for some reason, found it necessary to say that “At least a lot of great art will come out of this”?

…They might have been right. TBH, that was not what I wanted to hear at the time. I’m not saying that the body of work produced by Bay Area musicians this year makes the Trump administration any more palatable to me, but I am saying that local artists seem to have made great use of their rage, their joy, and their conflict in 2017.

It’s up for debate whether the deluge of music that came out of this corner of California had anything to do with the most divisive election in any of our lifetimes, but this playlist makes a strong case. Local drummer Cody Rhodes put together a Spotify playlist of some of his favorite tracks from this year (with a few honorable mentions from 2016), covering the Bay’s folk to funk to electro-pop worlds. Cody’s worked with heaps of artists around the Bay, from Curls to Lapel to Geographer, so he has a unique insight into the inner workings of the local music scene. And boy, has it been working hard this year. Take a listen below.

The title, you’ll notice, is a tongue-in-cheek jab at the popular lament that the Bay’s music scene is dead. It’s not. This isn’t even a fraction of all the fantastic music that poured out of the Bay Area this year — head to our social media profiles to see our top-read posts of 2017, which give a further glimpse at the incredible range of music that was made right here in the Bay this year. Over here at The Bay Bridged, we’re eagerly looking forward to what we all can accomplish together in 2018.