DUCKWRTH at Phono del Sol 2017, by Paige ParsonsDUCKWRTH at Phono del Sol, 2017 (photo: Paige Parsons)

Hey. Hey there. Our IRL fundraiser may have happened last week, but did you know we’re still taking donations?

The Bay Bridged is a nonprofit, and this is the time of year we ask for a little support from the public to help boost us for the coming year. Think of it like a PBS pledge drive, but shorter, less frequent, and with less of a promise of Ken Burns documentaries.

If you couldn’t make it out last week but still want to ensure that the Bay Area music scene stays close-knit and vibrant, click below and donate any amount you choose. It all goes to a good cause, and it’s all appreciated.

From all of us at The Bay Bridged, we wish you a happy holiday season, and a happy Bay Area new year.