Stereophonics at The Fillmore, by Ria Burman
Stereophonics (photo: Ria Burman)

Stereophonics graced the Fillmore last night with a show ready to blow, performing a spectrum of well-known tunes (you name it, they probably played it) and a couple of new ones sprinkled in to the mix. The audience was bouncing, singing, and cheering throughout the night to the band who delivered stunning solo shreds, off-the-wall drum-beat-grooves and contagious choruses that could make the dead sing along.

It’s hard to believe Stereophonics have been around for over two decades, because original band members — Kelly Jones and bassist Richard Jones — exude a fresh, humble, childlike essence and excitement in their performance, which is refreshing as fuck.

Rock and roll’s own Peter Pan, Kelly Jones has great stage presence, distinctive vocals, and immense energy and skills to get his guitar wailing. Seeing this band live is a must. Add to the mix the mega-mighty whirlwind of groovy drummer Jamie Morrison, one of the best of our generation, and the show exploded with everything and excellence. Jump back a decade and give the Noisettes album What’s the Time Mr Wolf? a whirl to get a feel of Morrison’s beatastic vibe. That same year of 2007 saw Stereophonics release their sixth album, Pull The Pin.

If you’re unfamiliar with Stereophonics, check out the singles “Mr Writer,” “Dakota,” “The Bartender & The Thief,” “Maybe Tomorrow,” and “Just Looking” and their 10h and newest album, Scream Above The Sounds, for a good taste of some delicious rock and roll.