Rexx Life Raj Father Figure 2 Flourish

Faraji Wright is living his best Rexx Life on his new record, “Father Figure 2: Flourish”. Better known as Rexx Life Raj, the Berkeley rapper has spent 2017 doing everything BUT drop an album: High-profile collabos, two festival performances, two tours with P-Lo and Mr. Carmack, off-shoot loosies and projects (you can check his Instagram for evidence of all three) has kept Raj busy for the entirety of the year. We know this firsthand, as we’ve followed Raj extensively the past 365 days.

But that’s what makes subheading the record with “Flourish” so appropriate. Throughout the album, Raj is confident but not braggadocious; he remains humble without short-sticking himself of his accomplishments. His own ambitions ring loud through clever wordplay and punchlines, but there’s also a calmness in his words of wisdom. Kind of like a dad.

“I keep betting on Faraji even when it’s risky/ My anxiety been finding ways to keep me busy / Guess it’s a blessing in disguise / I get lost in my mind/ Still I rise every time / Still I rise.”

Listen to “Father Figure 2” below and support your local dads.