Travis Hayes plays night three of Fog City Fest at Neck Of The Woods by Estefany Gonzalez
Travis Hayes (photo: Estefany Gonzalez)

To celebrate the three-year anniversary of Fog City Songwriters, a quarterly event which allows artists to showcase their work an intimate setting, Bay Area musician Travis Hayes took a break from planning his wedding and recording a new record to put on a three-day music festival at Neck Of The Woods titled Fog City Fest. Best of all, the festival raised $2,000 for La Casa De Las Madres, an organization which helps victims of domestic violence and seeks to create a community where violence against women and children is not tolerated.

After the last songwriting event back in August, Hayes decided to put Fog City Songwriters on pause and work on a new record and his personal life. Though he meant to take a break from organizing events, as the anniversary of the first songwriter night crept up, and he decided to ditch the break to pay homage to a project he worked on for so long.

Hayes didn’t intend for the festival to be three days, but couldn’t help himself once he reached out to the roster of songwriters he’d worked with throughout the years. “I emailed 40 different musicians and 30 of them said yes, and I was like, ‘Alright, I guess we’ll do a three-night thing,'” Hayes says. “It came together so well and in such a big capacity that it took on its own entity.”

More than just putting together a celebration for Fog City Songwriters, Hayes was determined to make the event a benefit to help the community. “First and foremost, this needed to be a benefit,” Hayes said.

Hayes recognizes how difficult this year has been for so many different communities. It wasn’t easy choosing which organization he wanted to help most, but in the end, he chose La Casa De Las Madres.

“The timing is kind of strange. There’s much need for help and assistance whether it be for North Bay Fires, hurricane relief or donating to victim families of the Las Vegas shooting. It’s been a rough year for so many people, and it’s hard to pick and choose where you can assist and help but I put this together about six months ago and La Casa has always been in the back of my mind,”  Hayes said. “I really believe in the work that they’re doing.”

If you couldn’t make Fog City Fest but would still like to help La Casa De Las Madres check out this link here.