It’s pretty hard to be on the fence about Canadian punks Propagandhi. They have been staunchly unapologetic in delivering their anti-capitalist, antifa, vegan, and pro-equality ideals for the last two decades — even before the Bush years, when political punk became marketable again. They have married progressive thrash and melodic skate-punk in just the right precarious balance as to avoid the cringe-inducing trappings of other punk/metal crossovers. All it takes is one misplaced breakdown or cheesy duel guitar harmony and BAM: You’re Sum 41 ( also from Canada). On their seventh studio album, Victory Lap, Chris Hannah’s lyrics plant his tongue firmly in his cheek whilst elevating the base-level IQ for everyone in the room:

“When the free-market
Fundamentalist steps on a roadside bomb outside Kandahar
Bleeding to death
I swear to Ayn Rand
I’ll ask if he needs an invisible hand.”


I will, however, utilize my platform to refute a claim made on their 1993 debut How to Clean Everything: A declaration that, as a checkered-Vans-wearing teenager, flew in the face of everything I believed in. Ska does not suck. Ska revival is cool, you stupid shmuck. Still love you guys.

Propagandhi, RVIVR, Bad Cop / Bad Cop
November 13, 2017
8pm, $22