OK Go (photo: Estefany Gonzalez)

Have you ever stopped to wonder how much money OK Go spend on confetti each year?

Maybe you’ve had questions about selfies you’ve seen on Damian Kulash’s Instagram or you’ve wondered if Tim Nordwind’s glasses are prescription?

Well, in true OK Go fashion, the band broke the barrier between the audience and the stage by taking questions from fans throughout the set and of course sprayed the audience down with so much confetti, I found pieces of colored paper on my person for days after seeing the band.

The night was full of classic dancing, OK Go songs, and quirky answers which had the audience laughing just as much as a comedy show.

Oh, and that confetti question?

Kulash said the band likes to think of itself as a nonprofit. “We figure out how much money we’re going to make on a concert and spend that on paper.”

Click on our slideshow to for a quick recap of the night.