SWMRS play Uncool Halloween at UC Theatre in Berkeley

SWMRS (photo: Estefany Gonzalez)

Growing up in Santa Rosa where all ages venues are few and far between, gave me a special appreciation for house shows and concerts at The Phoenix Theater—AKA the Gilman Street of the North Bay for those of you who aren’t familiar. There will always be a special place in my heart for these types of shows because of the togetherness they inspire and the live energy present amongst a group of crowd surfing and moshing music lovers.

It’s rare to see this same intimacy and close-knit community vibe at large venues, yet SWMRS managed to bring the community spirit of the band’s Gilman days to the 1,500 capacity UC Theatre with the second annual Uncool Halloween. The concert not only meant the hometown return of the East Bay band, it also meant a giant Halloween party with The Interrupters, The Regrettes, The Buttertones, The She’s, Mt. Eddy.

One of the best parts about small shows is finding the bands performing watching the other artists on the line-up and singing along in a packed room. It’s moments like these which blur the line between attendees and performers that show these types of concerts are more than just shows. They are a moment in time where the local music community came together and Uncool Halloween did just that because at the end of the night I could spot both musicians and Bay Area music lovers bouncing in time to the music amongst the sold-out concert floor.

Click through the slideshow for a recap of the night.