John Carpenter

We now live in an era where film composers and concerts collide. Hans Zimmer confused a bunch of people at Coachella this year, and continued on to a world tour. As of last year John Carpenter is touring, too. A lot.

He tends to tour in the fall, for obvious reasons. Though there’s more to his story than just the Halloween movies, his resume is heavy on the horror: He’s scored other creepy classics like They Live, Christine, and The Thing, but also put in work on less-spooky, but still plenty campy, cult touchstones like Big Trouble in Little China and Assault on Precinct 13.

Now approaching his 70s, he’s taken to the touring circuit, bringing his film scores to a live audience and making studio albums, too. Last year, he released Lost Themes with respected indie label Sacred Bones. This time around, he’s created fresh versions of some of his historical works in Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1988, with help from son Cody Carpenter and in conjunction with a remix of the Halloween theme by Trent Reznor.

Come see him make film magic in real time. He gets to San Francisco a few days after Halloween, but hey — with John Carpenter around, Halloween never has to end. Time is running out — snag your tickets below.

John Carpenter: Anthology Tour
The Warfield
November 4, 2017
9pm, $44.50