We are excited to premiere Madeline Tasquin’s newest video, the gorgeously retro “Future Telephone” directed by Romain-Marie.

Few Bay Area songwriters exist in such a worldly dream-state of higher consciousness as Madeline Tasquin. The native Canadian started out in the high energy Afro-Colombian rock group Antioquia, and has moved through her solo career in and out of the English language and through a diverse set of musical styles including jazz, traditional French, and folk to create a distinct sound for herself (though one is reminded of St. Vincent and Feist in listening). Intensely musical and endlessly creative, Tasquin’s music is ebullient in both senses of the word: full of lighthearted energy and yet also boiling as if stewing its deeper meaning.

In this video, her siren voice coos from across the darkness luring one to the brighter future. To pick up the “Future Telephone” is to be transported into this world with her. To ignore the call? Perhaps peril. Tasquin says of writing the song, “I feel like our communication as a species right now is riddled with misunderstanding and assumption; the complexity of things is often flattened down for delivery, and the real substance of life is ‘lost in pixelation.'”

The song is the first single off Tasquin’s upcoming release of the same name — available for preorder today here — which will be available on November 7.

Madeline Tasquin Trio, Red Steppes, Little Arcs
Friday November 17
The Starry Plough
3101 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, California