Reva Devito

The word fête is defined as a celebration or festival, so it’s somewhat fitting at the Washington, D.C.-based label Fête Records is celebrating the latest gems in their roster with a day party in Oakland’s New Parish this month. In the treasure trove of modern R&B soul, Fête has a history of fishing out the cream of the crop, including a handful of shiny Ravyn Lenae remixes, a Mars Today feature, and several others packaged together in tasty compilations.

Reva DeVito

Reva DeVito was long the sultry voice in front of several productions — Kaytranada, B. Bravo, Com Truise, etc. — but the one that turned heads had to be the sugary cover of Sade‘s “Sweetest Taboo”. After that, the Portland songstress dropped an EP and continues to stack the features. Recently, she and B. Bravo partnered up to record as Umii, a collection of soulful funk that’s fun and contemporary, yet timeless.

Mac Ayres

20-year-old Mac Ayres defines himself as soul, but his intro project Drive Slow offers sprinkles of hip-hop, jazz, and R&B that conjures a familiar warmness that can only be found on wax. For an intro project, his range appears immense on all facets of his music, from production to songwriting and singing. Tracks such as “Calvin’s Joint” and “Easy” carry a vintage vibe that’s surprisingly refreshing.


A young newcomer, psalm so far has been more of a mystery than any other Fête artist. But his voice is starting to get more love from his record label and his Oakland debut may offer a bigger window into what the young’n has to offer.

Fete Day Party

Reva DeVito, Mac Ayres, pslam; DJ sets by Amir Raad & Dylan (HGMNY), Jackson Waites & Roevicious (First Ear)
The New Parish
October 28, 2017
2pm, $10